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I’m gonna crush Tartaros.

I’m gonna crush Tartaros.

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Android, iPhone, Blackberry or Windows? Android

Spring, summer, fall or winter? Why? Fall & winter. Because on the fall it’s not too cold or hot, it just perfect + it’s dark and fresh air, and winter because it’s the christmas season and you can make snowmans, iceskating, snowball fights and cuddle up ith someone special by the sofa and drink hot chocolate with whipcream ;)

If you saw your crush getting bullied and physically harrassed in front of your eyes, what would you do? I would directly go there and try to stop the bullies, even if it meant me getting hurt instead of him/her! i would take any kind of pain for that person.

Have you ever purposely hurt anybody? no, i never hurt anybody purposely.

Top 10 songs? Ice Road (Fubuki Shiro), Masayume Chasing (fairy tail op15), Strike Back (BACK-ON), This is War (30 seconds to mars), Bye Bye Baby (Bay City Rollers),Dead Inside (Skillet), I can go the distance (Disney’s Hercules), You’ll be in my heart (Phil Collins), Look through my eyes (Phil Collins) & Those Nights (Skillet)

Congratulations! You just won $10.000.000! What are you gonna do with it? (Eg save it, charity, buy a castle, etc.) I would first out a big part of the fortune in a bank account then together with my boyfriend, buy some new furnitures, clothes and stuff that i need (especially clothes) and the rest i would save. Some of it ofc i would put in a different savings account for my future child when i get pregnant so the child has enough to live on when it’s time to move out :)

Tell us something random in your mother tongue. ehhh…o_o

You have to help your friend pick a name for his/her/their baby. Do you make one up, search google for popular baby names, or take the name of another good friend/someone from your family? I would come up with one of course and if my imagination runs out i’ll look it up on the internet :)

Are you someone who eats a lot when they have stress, or the opposite? I can be, i suppose…but i mostly can never sit still, get irritated easily or the basic when it becomes too much stress…i’ll break down and just cry.

Do you like the name your parents gave you? If no, what would you change it to? I do not really like it since it’s such a common name for a girl..and still are i guess. But i would rather be named Anna or Hannah if it where up to me to decide.

Your best friend goes on a vacation and asks you to take care of his/her/their house. The house is large and luxurious because your friend is rich, and you’re allowed to use everything that’s in it. But, you have to take care of her/his/their snake, which includes feeding it living mice. Do you tell him/her/them yes or no? it’s a no since i am extreamly scared of snakes. No matter how rich that ‘best friend’ is, i would still say no.

My questions:
Ipad, Iphone or a Samsung Galaxy?
If you got one single wish, what would it be? (you can’t wish for more wishes though)
You are thrown into a zombie apocalypse, what would be the first thing you would do?
What is your favourite holiday & why.
Marvel or DC?
Harry Potter or Twilight and why.
Describe in 4 words one of your most important friends
In a game you won a 3-day travel to a country of your own choice, which country would you travel to?
Favourite tvshow?
Favourite villian?
Partying late with friends in a bar or staying home with boy/girlfriend and cuddling while watching an awesome movie?

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The Making of Catch You, Catch Me (Sakura, Kero & Tomoyo)

Had an awesome & amazing night (& awesome sex too!!) with my boyfriend and i couldn’t be happier♥ Tomorrow i have promised him we’ll eat pizza and just be lazy :)

Having him by my side is pure heaven and i really love him so incredibly much♥

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Most likely the best post ever.

If you don’t know this rug you didn’t live



Most likely the best post ever.

If you don’t know this rug you didn’t live

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