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Behold! Five seconds of the second season of Gravity Falls!

» Bad news and good news

So the bad news first! 

I don’t know when i will get my laptop back from service since they don’t really know what it’s causing the problem. So they have begun reinstalling my laptop a second time too see if the problem can be fixed..Right now i am using my mothers laptop so i can’t make gifs or download anything (she would kill me if i downloaded anything-.-) until i get my laptop back.

But the good news is that i got offered a apartment yesterday and i finally got hold of the guy that’s living there and i will call him back again around 7pm since he’s busy. And if i get lucky, he can send me picture on the apartment because i can’t go there by train since the train home schedule is fucked up. But i am 99.9% sure i am getting this apartment! :) 

» i wish i didn’t have a birthday in the first place….


Late late late lunch, but so amazing 😱

*homemade* gourmet grilled cheese w/two different cheeses and avocado, tomato & mozzarella di buffala, basil and olive oil - fresh summer fruits as desert 👌


i always love submitting here because all of the chubby bunnies are so cute and lovely and i love to be apart of it :’)

thigh highs are for chubby girls too 

you can follow/talk to me here :~)

» Laptop possibly back later today!!

I spoke to the person in charge of my laptop at service earlier today and apperantly what’s causing the problem is the software so they have reinstalled the whole pc and are currently updating it.
it’s great the problem is getting fixed and all but what i’m worried about more is how much this is going to cost me…..!*shaking in a corner-mabelstyle*

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» i’ve been watching the Cake Boss marathon all day…


» One ‘fear food’ gone :)

So today i was invited by my mom and her boyfriend to go to mcdonalds to eat.
and i actually ate almost everything without an unce of fear, guilt, anxiety or depression!

But i will still only eat there once every year :P